Aiguavista, a reputable brand committed to sustainable and responsible textile products, recognized the need to enhance its online presence to better serve its environmentally conscious customers. With a vision of providing an elevated shopping experience, Aiguavista embarked on a transformational journey by migrating its website from Prestashop to Shopify. Additionally, they aimed to introduce cutting-edge features to engage and empower their customers in making informed choices.


The overhaul of Aiguavista's digital platform presented specific challenges that required strategic solutions:

  • Platform Migration: Shifting from Prestashop to Shopify while ensuring a seamless transfer of product information, customer data, and transaction history was crucial to maintaining customer trust.

  • Variant Image Integration: Incorporating a variant image functionality to showcase different product options through imagery required meticulous implementation to offer a visually appealing and informative shopping experience.

  • Custom Stock System: Developing a bespoke stock system based on SKUs was vital for streamlined inventory management, order fulfillment accuracy, and preventing stock-related complications.

  • Bed Configurator Feature: Implementing a bed configurator, allowing customers to tailor their purchases by choosing different components, sizes, and colors, demanded intuitive design and precise technical execution.


To address these challenges and elevate Aiguavista's online shopping platform, we crafted a comprehensive solution:

  1. Seamless Migration: Aiguavista's product portfolio, customer data, and historical records were meticulously migrated from Prestashop to Shopify, ensuring a smooth transition.

  2. Variant Image Functionality: Collaborating closely with the Aiguavista team, we seamlessly integrated a variant image feature that dynamically displays product images based on selected options, enriching the user experience.

  3. Customized Stock System: We engineered a tailored stock management system utilizing SKUs, enabling Aiguavista to efficiently manage inventory, reduce discrepancies, and expedite order processing.

  4. Empowering Bed Configurator: The innovative bed configurator feature was conceptualized and executed, allowing customers to personalize their textile purchases by selecting components and adding them to their basket.


The comprehensive transformation of Aiguavista's e-commerce platform yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Enriched Shopping Experience: The introduction of variant images and the intuitive bed configurator feature empowered customers to personalize their shopping journey, resulting in higher engagement and satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Inventory Management: Aiguavista's bespoke stock system built on SKUs streamlined inventory control, reducing errors, and ensuring timely order fulfillment.

Future Prospects

With a revitalized Shopify platform and advanced features, Aiguavista is poised for sustainable growth. The integration of customization options and efficient inventory management is expected to resonate positively with their environmentally conscious clientele.


The Aiguavista case study illustrates the transformative impact of platform migration and innovative feature integration in elevating an e-commerce brand. Through migration to Shopify, implementation of variant image functionality, a custom stock system, and a dynamic bed configurator, Aiguavista has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to offering a personalized, responsible, and enjoyable shopping experience for its valued customers.